Phil Goss’s work straddles different medium from drawing to textile design. His subjects exist in the twilight zone between the observed and the imagined. They are found lurking under lamp posts, pine forests or floating in the London canal.

His work is concerned with play between figuration, abstraction, and decoration. Phil Goss is influenced by writers such as J G Ballard who explore the destabilising of a singular meaning. He plays on the notion of what is coherent by combining different mediums often found outside the traditional gallery setting. The screen printed chairs become an embodiment of his disjointed view of the world, where his narratives merge with the furniture in the rooms.

Phil Goss studied English Literature BA, at Edinburgh University, and Visual Communication MA, at the Royal College of Art in 2013. He has shown at the V&A museum, Evelyn Yard, ALdeburgh Look out Tower, Geddes Gallery and London Design Festival; designed print for Paul Smith and Alex Eagle and has produced bespoke interiors for Blacks and Fix126; and is currently the Director of the Centre for Recent Drawing.